Who Is Wazhma Ayoubi: Who is the MYSTERY Girl of the Asia Cup

An Afghanistan fan girl went viral on the internet when she was spotted cheering for the national

cricket team during their match vs Bangladesh in Asia Cup 2022. Her name is Wazhma Ayoubi,

who currently lives in Dubai UAE, as per Deccan Herald. Here are a few facts we have procured about her in this story. Read one. 

Wazhma is not just beauty alone, she is beauty with brains. She is an entrepreneur and runs a fashion label called 'Laman Clothing'.

She has all the talent in the world and she of course is beautiful. That is why the Afghan wants to become an actor in Bollywood.

Wazhma Ayoubi is 28 years old. She is Afghani but shifted her base a few years ago in order to become a self-dependent woman and build her career.

Wazhma has every now and then spoken up against ill-treatment of the citizens of Afghanistan and the every day discimination they face in the country.

Not to forget, Wazhma also has some hobbies. She lives in Dubai of UAE and can be seen roaming on a bike in the city.