Ganesh Chaturthi 2022: Keep these things in mind in the installation of Ganesha, will rain money! 

August 31, Wednesday is Ganesh Chaturthi. On this day, beautiful idols of Ganesh Ji will be installed in homes and in public places.

This year, with the beginning of the Ganeshotsav festival on Wednesday, these 10 days have become even more auspicious.

According to astrologers, if you worship Ganpati Bappa according to the law during these 10 days.

If some rules are followed, then there is a rain of happiness and prosperity throughout the year. Also, Ganesh Ji fulfills every wish.

Rules for setting up Ganesha

Rules for setting up Ganesha

Install the idol of Ganapati in the northeast (North-East). The face of the idol should be towards the west.

In the place where Ganesha should be established, there should always be cleanliness.

There should neither be garbage nor any kind of inaccuracy here. Do not bring leather goods around this place.

If Ganesh is being established, then worship every morning and aarti in the evening. 

Offer offerings to God in the morning and evening, and show incense lamps.

Do not shake the idol of Ganesh ji after it is installed. Move the idol only at the time of immersion.

Don't offer Tulsi leaves to Ganesh Ji even by mistake. Doorba is offered to Ganpati.

During the establishment of Ganpati, neither bring bad feelings in your mind nor do any wrong thing.

During the installation of Ganesha, neither bring non-veg-alcohol etc in the house nor consume such vengeful things.

Garlic-onion should also not be eaten during Ganeshotsav.