Finland PM Sanna Marin viral photos: Very beautiful and cool PM 

Sanna Marin is the world's youngest female prime minister.

She heads the five-party coalition government in Finland. The special thing is that the heads of these five parties are women.

Finland is the first European country where women have been given the same voting rights as men since the beginning.

Finland's PM Sana Marin is very beautiful with a very calm natured leader.

She keeps posting her pictures on her Instagram. His millions of followers are his big supporters.

Sana Marine, the world's youngest prime minister, known for having fun in free time, has been embroiled in controversy.

Sana Marin Marine was born on 16 November 1985. She is the leader of Finland. Sana has been in power in Finland since 2019.

A video of a private party of Finland's PM Sana Marine went viral. In which she was seen dancing under the influence of alcohol.

Some of his special friends are also present in the party. After these videos surfaced, allegations of drug abuse started being made against him.

A new controversy erupted in Finland after the video of Sana Marine partying went viral.

Finland's opposition leaders fiercely targeted Sana Marine over the video.

Finland's opposition leader Rika Purra launched a scathing attack on the Sana Marine video leak. 

However, Sana Marine has said that she had only consumed alcohol. He never took drugs.

Finland media say the new photos that went public this week have drawn criticism from within the Social Democrats.

A newspaper, after talking to SDP MPs, wrote on Tuesday that although Sana Marin is extremely popular, the frustration within the party is increasing due to the repeated scandals.