Numerology and health : Know your health by your date of birth

Numerology and health

Numerology and health : According to Indian medical system Ayurveda which is a part of “ATHARVED”, It is teached by Brahma ji to Ashwini Kumars. They (Ashwini Kumars) shared this to Indra Dev and Indra Dev teaches this to Dhanvantri Ji. In Indian Medical system according to Ayurveda any person and structure of body depends on Air, Phlegm & Bile. The chemical process is on the physical side of the body.

Numerology and health

According to “Charak SAMHITA”, the position of the Tridoshas in the body is as follows :

Air (VATA) : Waist, thighs, foots, bones and large intestine are under control of Air.

Bile : Blood, Sweat, Liquid, Lymph and small intestine are under control of Bile.

phlegm : There is an effect of kapha on the neck, joints and upper part of the intestines and fat.

If any one have increase of Air, Bile & phlegm depends on the planets number. When any of them get increased then body will get affected.

In horoscope we can see the health from TANUBHAV but in Numerology we can see this from Driver number.

We can study health in Numerology by three below mentioned basis:

1. The base of Driver number in Date of Birth.

2. Sun revolution based in the birth month.

3. Based on the Name Numerology.

We are mentioning below the health related issues based on Driver number.

1. Driver Number 1 :

The health of people having driver number 1 depends on the increasing and decreasing of Bile.

Health issues :
Health problems, Headache, Toothache, Eyes related problems, Urinary issues etc.

Remedies :

* Decrease the usage of salt.
* Do some fatigue work or exercise.
* Use Mukta Pishti.
* Try to have your dinner before the sun sets.

Numerology and health
Numerology and health

2. Driver Number 2 :

People connected with this mulank generally faced health issues related to phlegm.

Health issues :

Stomach related issues, Gas, Swelling in Intestine , Tumor, Mental weakness, Lung problems etc.

Remedies :

* They should include Cucumber, Turnip, Water melon, Cabbage, Banana & Mustard greens etc.
* To decrease their stress level they should keep a mug of water near to their head area and in the morning they should pour this water to some plant.
* Don’t drink milk at night.
* Have a mixture of black paper and honey in the morning.
* Don’t consume Tobacco and coffee.
*Drink buttermilk and Lassi daily.
* Drink lemon water often.


3. Driver Number 3 :
People having driver number 3 are also associated with phlegm.

Health issues :

Nerves System, Back and Legs pain, Sciatica, Skin diseases, Gas, Bone pain, Throat infection and Paralysis.

Remedies :

* Eat more Apples, Cherries, Pomegranate, Grapes, Fig, Saffron, Clove, and Almond.
* Take good care of health specially in the month of February, June, September and December.
* Use less Ginger and Garlic.
* Have Carrot Juice and Gulkand.

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4. Driver Number 4 :
Driver number 4 people are comes under control of Air.

Health Issues : Breathing problems, Heart Issues, High blood pressure, Leg injury. Anemia, Insomnia, Eyes related issues.

Remedies :
* Consume spinach on regular basis.
* Take good care of your health in the month of January, February, July, August & December.
* Have fruit juice on daily basis.
*Have Green Vegetable and sprouts.

5. Driver Number 5 :
Driver number 5 has Air impact.

Health issues :
Indigestion, Mental stress, Headache, Cold, Weak eyesight, Pains in hands and shoulders, chances of Paralyses.

Remedies :
* Consume carrot regularly.
* Chances of feeling of weakness during the period of June, September and December months.
* Pray to Lord Ganesh.

Numerology and health
Numerology and health

6. Driver Number 6 :

Phlegm controls driver number 6.,

Health issues :

Problems related to Throat & Lungs, Congestion of chest, Urinary infection, Private parts related issues, Diabetes, Stone, Kidney related issues etc.

Remedies :

* Eat sprouts.
* Need to take good care of your health in the month of May, October & November.
* Reduce the curd and sweets from your meals.

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7. Driver Number 7 :

Driver number 7 is under the control of Phlegm.

Health issues :

Stomach related problems and indigestion, Under eye dark circles, Headache, Blood related problem, Lungs related problems, Skin problem, after 45 years of age chance of loss of memory etc.

Remedies :

* Eat apples and have fruit juice.
* Have your lunch on time and don’t leave food coz of work.
* Use vitamin D & E.
* Daily go for a walk.


8. Driver Number 8 :

The driver number 8 is related to Air.

Health issues :

Liver problem, breathing problem, Gas, blood related issues, urinary related issues, high chances of getting into depression, Hearing power can be low with the time.

Remedies :
* Eat Spinach, banana, cucumber, Green vegetables and fruits.
* Don’t consume Non-veg.
* Take good care of yourself in the month of January, February, July, September and December months.
* Take vitamin A, D, E, Calcium & Iron.

Numerology and health
Numerology and health

9. Driver Number 9 :

Driver number 9 is under control of Bile.

Health issues :
They have to face stomach related issues, they can burn time to time, Sometimes urinary infection, Fever, Headache, Toothache, Piles, Hypertension. They can look like healthy by can be weak inside.

Remedies :

* Have dates with milk.
* Go for morning walk on regular basis.
* Have fruit juice in the morning time.
* Stay far from burring things.

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