Number Hora: How to check Muturat with Numerology Hora & choose profession and business

Number Hora

Number hora is considered to be completely fruitful and infallible for work accomplishment and is the seven horns of the seven planets, which rotate in 24 hours of day and night to provide auspicious time to man for the accomplishment of work even in inauspicious times. Hora of Sun for royal service, Hora of Venus for migration, Hora of Mercury for the attainment of knowledge, Hora of Moon for the accomplishment of all kinds of work, Hora of Saturn for collection of material, and Hora of Guru for marriage is the best. Is. Hora of Mars is good for martial arts and disputes.

Number Hora

Number Hora
Number Hora

Ahoratra is a Sanskrit word that means 24 hours time from day to night. If the first and last letters of Ahoratra are removed, the word Hora remains. The English word Bhavantadh is also derived from Hora, so the English time running from midnight to midnight shows only 24 hours. According to the Indian system, the counting of any day starts from sunrise.


The calculation of the first Hora hour also starts from sunrise. In India, the time from sunrise on the first day to the sunrise of the second day is about 24 hours. And if we can assume the distance of the planets from the earth, then the distance of the planet Saturn from the earth is respectively the largest, the distance of Jupiter planet Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon is the shortest. They are not taken into account in this calculation.

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Which work should be done in which, Hora?

Hora of Number 1 / 4 Ravi: State consecration, administrative work, new office, State service, medicine making, gold, copper, etc. Mantras for work, often for state cow, bull and vehicle, etc.

Number 2/7 Hora Moon: Soma, agricultural work, wearing new clothes or wearing pearl gems, making new plans, learning arts, learning arts, planting orchards, plantation, and manufacturing of silver objects.

Hora of Number 3 Guru, Religious work, marriage, planet, peace, sacrifice, charity, virtuous work, worship, god, prestige, judicial work, wearing new clothes, jewelry, learning, practice, vehicle, buying, selling, and pilgrimage work.

Number 5 Hora literature reading-learning education-initiation writing publication study craftsmanship, friendship, sports, food collection, the fourth starts bookkeeping, accounting, public relations, and correspondence work.

Number 6 Hora Dance, Music, Female Affairs, Love Behavior, Purpose, Ceremony, Celebration, Wearing Clothes, Jewelry, Lakshmi Puja, Traveling, Business Work, Agricultural Work, Prosperous Work, and Film Production Work.

Number 8, Hora planet entry of Saturn, keeping the servant busy, parts of machinery for essential work, deceit, prevention of fraud, immersion, collection of money, and taking office.

Issue 9, Hora of Mars: Assad work, war policy, deceitful espionage work, trial, Sanskrit, mining work, gold material work, surgical operation, and exercise work.

Number Hora
Number Hora

Livelihood and Occupation Selection by Number Hora:

You can also choose your occupation according to the Hora in which you are born because you know that Hora of birth is determined according to your time of birth. The livelihood occupations for the various Hora numbers are as follows.

Hora number 1: Administrative officer, work of a jeweler, contract of houses, water supply department, political work, politician and actor.

Hora Number 2: Oil-related work, Sugar mill, Other business, Milk curd Grate work, Agent, Editing, Music, Acting, Writing, Dance house, Nurse, Lady doctor, and Teacher.

Hora Number 3: Restaurant, Hotel, Lecturer Teacher, Law Consultant, Judge, Astrologer, Trader, Police Department, Philosophy, Actor, Salesman, Typist.

Hora number 4: Oil, kerosene, railway department, publicist, state employee, motorist, journalist, babu, telephone operator.

Hora number 5: Astrologer, teacher, bank officer, salesman, post office, insurance department, translator, political work, librarian, history, exploration, archeology department, accountant, tourist, and intellectual practitioner.


Hora No. 6: Beauty Parlor, Hotel, Dhaba, Craftsman, Designer, Storyteller, Gardener, Textile Businessman, Textile Jeweler, Terylene Woolen Textile, Confectionery, Business, Literature, Related to Actresses and Dairy Forms.

Hora Number 7: Astrologer, Knowledge of occult sciences, Foreign work, Acting, Film business, Air service, Work of tourist driver, Babugiri, Editing work, Rubber buying, and Selling, Underground material, Business buying, and selling.

Number Hora
Number Hora

Hora number 8: Court-related work, sports department, political work, small-scale industry, advocacy, astrology, scientific work, poultry farming, horticulture, cosmetics, coal, and wood business.

Hora number 9: Medicine, health department, doctor, astrology, religious preacher, military department, ammunition, fireworks trade, advocacy, drug dealer and other metal related work sports player fire department.

– Paramjyotika Sanjay

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