Mangal Ketu Yuti 2023: Transit of Mars-Ketu in Libra can have a serious impact on these zodiac signs including the country and the world

Mangal Ketu Yuti 2023

Mangal Ketu Yuti 2023: Mars and Ketu being together is not an ordinary event. Both these planets Mars and Ketu are malefic planets and their presence together is the time to increase bad results. Now Mars and Ketu Yuti Yoga is going to be formed in the coming time and due to this Yuti Yoga, there can definitely be a change in the sequence of political events along with many natural events in the country and abroad. This transit is going to be for a short time, but its effects will be seen in a very revolutionary way. At the same time, the relation of Uranus, Guru, Rahu, Mars, and Ketu will also be formed.

Mangal Ketu Yuti 2023

Mangal Ketu Yuti 2023
Mangal Ketu Yuti 2023

The month of October 2023 can also witness some events because from October 3, with the entry of Mars in Libra, the Mars-Ketu Angarak conjunction will begin and in the coming time, it will create an eclipse along with Sun and Moon. Let us know how the Mars-Ketu conjunction will affect all 12 zodiac signs.


For Aries, this time will be full of change and enthusiasm, but at the same time, the problem of taking bold decisions can also increase the problem. There can be disputes in love relations, while there can be distance or separation in married life at this time. There can be concerns about the health of the life partner. At present, it is necessary that decisions should be taken with calmness and patience.


At this time, you can get some benefits suddenly, but right now the influence of enemies can affect your profit. There will be time to get good success in legal matters. There will be a need to use vehicles etc. carefully. During this time, you can stay ahead in pacifying your opponents.


For Gemini people, the transit of Mars-Ketu in Libra can cause a lack of concentration. Avoid any kind of mediation at this time. Some secret enemies can take advantage of the opportunity. At this time, students may face problems regarding their studies. Pregnant women will need to take special care. Have to be more careful about children.

Mangal Ketu Yuti 2023
Mangal Ketu Yuti 2023

Cancer zodiac sign

The effect of Mars Ketu can increase troubles and upheavals in domestic matters. At this time there is little hope of stability of things. Unnecessary disputes will be more troublesome at this time. For this, work positively towards things as much as possible. You can get profit from property in the workplace.


Leo sun sign

During this transit, the quality of increasing hard work and turning good opportunities in one’s favor will develop. There will be a need to adopt a more diplomatic approach to deal with any challenge. There will be a need to work socially carefully. Save yourself from controversies, otherwise, unnecessary issues can also be dragged on for a long time.

Virgo sun sign

People of Virgo may not get much support from their families. There is a possibility of going abroad at this time. Traveling is going to be more and there will be an excess of expenses. There can be harshness in speaking, so keep restraint and sweetness in the conversation. Throat and mouth-related disorders can cause problems.

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The effect of Mars and Ketu is going to be on the people of Libra. At this time, it would be appropriate to postpone any new decisions for some time. Especially those in which more attention will have to be paid to the work involved in partnership or collaboration. For the people of the Libra zodiac, it will be necessary to control their habits, otherwise, it will have a direct effect on their health.


This transit may bring some challenges. These involve conflicts or power struggles, which may require careful negotiation and communication skills. It is important to remain calm during this period. It is important to use their emotional intelligence to deal with any challenges that may arise. You can get a position of profit in foreign affairs.

Mangal Ketu Yuti 2023
Mangal Ketu Yuti 2023


The presence of Ketu with Mars will be a time to give energy to the Sagittarius people, the necessary strength to tackle the work in a challenging way. Will be Can take bold steps towards achieving the goals. It would not be appropriate to interfere more on any legal matters at this time.


It is important to remain grounded and focused during this period. It is important to use their charisma and diplomacy to resolve any conflicts that may arise. You may seek more balance and harmony in your love life. Stay down to earth and open-minded during this transit. Clear communication is essential to resolving any conflict.



Mars-Ketu transit is going to give important effects for Aquarius. Mars energy, the planet of action, and Ketu will give new things regarding competition there. During this time there will be time for visits. During this transit, one can feel more confident and assertive.


The transit of Ketu-Mars in Libra can have a mixed effect. There can be some challenging periods. You may experience tension and conflict in your relationships during this transit, as Mars-Ketu may bring out a more assertive and confrontational side of your personality. You can also feel a sense of frustration and impatience in life. There will be a need to be careful about your food and drink.

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