Horoscope Mercury : Mercury will remain in Leo till August 20, who will benefit and who will lose

Horoscope Mercury

Horoscope Mercury : For the last few days, the planet Mercury is constantly changing. In July 2022, the planet Mercury has changed zodiac twice and now this planet has entered Leo from the night of July 31. These are the zodiac signs owned by the Sun. Mercury will remain in this sign till August 20. The effect of Mercury’s zodiac change will be on the people of all zodiac signs.

It will be good for some and bad for some. Know further how Mercury’s zodiac change will be for you…

Horoscope Mercury

Horoscope Mercury
Horoscope Mercury

Aries :

With the arrival of Mercury in Leo, a mixed effect will be seen in the life of Aries people. Students of this zodiac can get the desired success in the examination. Chances of getting success in love affairs are also being made at this time. There will be an atmosphere of happiness on the arrival of a new member in the family.

Taurus :

Due to the change in the zodiac sign of Mercury, their problems may increase slightly. It would be better if these people do not make any big deal, otherwise they may have to face trouble in future. Stay away from real estate matters. Tension can increase due to the court-court rounds.

Gemini :

People of this zodiac may have to do some work not wanting. But they will get victory even in difficult situations. You will get a chance to go on a trip, it can prove to be memorable for you. You can get the fruits of old good deeds at this time.

Cancer :

Do not forget to make risky investments with this amount, otherwise you may have to face problems in the near future. Traders of this zodiac can get a lot of profit during this period. Those who are looking for a job at this time, their wish can be fulfilled.



The people of this zodiac seem to be beneficial by the transit of Mercury in Leo. They seem to be making great benefits at this time. Time is very good for students. The sources of income will increase. You will get the support of big officers in the job. Any auspicious work can be done in the family.

Horoscope Mercury
Horoscope Mercury

Virgo :

People of this zodiac can go on a religious journey. If any work is stuck, it will also gain momentum. Problems related to married life can also be overcome during this time. Just be careful not to spend unnecessarily. Otherwise, you may have to face financial crisis in the near future.

Libra :

Women of this zodiac should take care of their health. Keep getting regular checkups done. Avoid trusting anyone in terms of money. You have to work harder to get success. Before making a big investment, definitely take the advice of an experienced person.

Scorpio :

Marriage proposals can come for unmarried people of this zodiac, which will also be successful. If there is any problem related to children, then that too can be overcome during this time. Health will improve. There are also chances of getting the benefit of ancestral property. The mind will be happy due to the boom in career.

sagittarius :

Sagittarius people can be inclined towards religion and spirituality. If you are looking to apply for a new job then the time is favorable. Negotiations related to marriage etc. can be successful. It would be better if you stay away from love affairs at this time, otherwise someone may get caught in new trouble.

Capricorn :

You will spend quality time with life partner. Health-related problems can also be overcome. There will be a sudden improvement in the economic level of the people of this zodiac. If any work is stopped due to lack of money, then that too can be completed on time.


Aquarius :

There may be ups and downs in the love life of these people. There can be a dispute between husband and wife, although this estrangement will not last long. Time is favorable for business. But relying too much on an employee can be harmful to you.

Horoscope Mercury
Horoscope Mercury

Pisces :

It will be better if you stay away from immoral acts of this zodiac. Even after forgetting, it would be better not to take any big decision at this time, otherwise you can get stuck in some big trouble. However, this crisis will be for a short time. There can also be a big dispute between husband and wife on some matter.

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